Since the beginning of 2017, GEHT International Ltd * has been providing and administrating website features and services when you visit or shop at www.gehtmarketplace.com.

GEHT Marketplace is a business-to-business online service for users to offer, sell and buy exceptional new and pre-owned lasers and optoelectronic products worldwide without a risk of a fraud. Products are drop shipped directly from the sellers to the buyers without an added step and cost in intermediate warehouses and GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process monitors transactions 24/7 and stays involved every step of the way.

As we see continued growth of laser technology market today, we believe that this also marks a change for suppliers on how they sell and promote their products on local and global markets. Distributors holding traditional inventory and having high overhead cost, need to cover their cost by adding considerable margin on the products end user price, thus making products less attractive to the buyers. This forces sellers to lower their product margin which is difficult to justify in today’s challenging business environment. When you sell on GEHT Marketplace, you can lower the cost of selling and reach new, unexplored markets worldwide like never before.

If you are keeping unused lasers or optoelectronic products in inventory or assets, the inventory costs related to storing and maintaining them can be as high as 25% of inventory value on hand. Now you can get rid of your unused inventory or assets and turn them easily into money on GEHT Marketplace. When you sell on GEHT Marketplace, your product will be instantly found by thousands of potential customers who are actively seeking to buy similar products. We want to help our customers to generate more value by lowering the cost of selling products and product ownership which is vital for preparing for the future and coping with the fast pace of changing business environment.

* GEHT International Ltd is a leading channel partner for high power, high quality fiber laser components and diode lasers, marking lasers in industrial materials processing applications and special lasers in telecom, life science, medical and research market. We are dedicated to deliver the strength of our world-class brand portfolio to our customers in European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel and Russia.