We want to deliver value to our customers by lowering the cost of selling and product ownership. GEHT Marketplace is a digital transformation to your sales operations and it is fundamentally changing the way how your business can interact with potential customers. GEHT Marketplace is "always connected" and customers can find and buy relevant products anywhere and anytime.

As we see continued growth of laser technology market today, we believe that this also marks a change for suppliers on how they sell their products on local and global markets. Cost of sales and distribution expenses can be as high as 10% - 30% of the product’s end user price. When you sell on GEHT Marketplace, you only pay 5% service fee when the order is secured. On GEHT Marketplace, you can generated more profit and reach new, unexplored markets like never before.

If you are a decision maker in photonics industry, lowering the inventory value is always in your focus. If your company has unused lasers or optoelectronic products in inventory or assets, the inventory costs related to storing and maintaining them can be as high as 25% of inventory value on hand. Get rid of your unused inventory or assets and turn them easily into money on GEHT Marketplace without increasing sales overhead expenses at the same time.

Since the beginning of 2017, Hong Kong based GEHT International Ltd has been providing and administrating website features and services when you visit or shop at gehtmarketplace.com.