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Ships from and sold by Jilin Yongli Laser Technology Co., Ltd..

Co2 Laser Tube/Rated Power 150W/Peak Power 180W/Length1850mm/Diameter80mm/Yongli Laser/Laser Cutting/Warranty 12months

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150W-180W Co2 Laser Tube-Yongli Laser-A8s-Laser Cutting

1 400 USD

+ Shipping and import fees, where applicable


Condition:New Place of Origin:CN;JIL Brand Name:Yongli Model:A8s (As Series Co2 Laser Tube) Rated Power:150W Max. Power:180W Length:1850mm Diameter:80±2mm Ignition Voltage:34kV Working Voltage:22kV Working Current:35mA Power Instability:≤±5% Warranty:12 Months

Min. order quantity: 1

Manufacturer: Jilin Yongli Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Part number:

Model: A8s

Product size / unit: 240 cm × 50 cm × 50 cm

Product weight / unit: 10 kg

Length of handling process: 3 days

Specification sheet: No specification sheet available.

Shipping package includes: Co2 Laser Glass Tube

Condition: New (Factory)

Listing type:
Single product(s)
Sale format:
Fixed price
End-use certification needed:
Jilin Yongli Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
Shipping from:
ChangChun City, China
Delivery terms:

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