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Ships from and sold by Nanguang Hi-Tech(Xiamen) Laser Co.,Ltd.

A new generation of solid state uv lasers!GAMMA-355-C!

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GAMMA:Diode Pumped Solid State UV Lasers

3 400 USD

+ Shipping and import fees, where applicable


Diode pumped solid state UV lasers possess several advantages of short wavelength, high peak power, excellent stability. High integration, convenient operation, strong environmental applicability. Note: VAT of domestic customers is 13% except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Min. order quantity: 1

Manufacturer: Nanguang Hi-Tech(Xiamen) Laser Co.,Ltd

Part number:

Model: GAMMA-355-C

Product size / unit: 33 cm × 18 cm × 14 cm

Product weight / unit: 10 kg

Length of handling process: 7 days

Specification sheet: View specification sheet

Shipping package includes: A solid state UV laser,Electric source,Cabinet

Condition: New (Factory)

Listing type:
Single product(s)
Sale format:
Fixed price
End-use certification needed:
Nanguang Hi-Tech(Xiamen) Laser Co.,Ltd
Shipping from:
Xiamen City, China
Delivery terms:
Advance payment 80%.

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