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Ships from and sold by Maxphotonics Co., Ltd.

20W smart laser marking machine

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Maxphotonics smart laser marking machine 20W

3 500 USD

+ Shipping and import fees, where applicable


Maxphotonics smart fiber laser marking machine outputs laser through fiber laser device, it has high electro- optical conversion rate, small size, good beam quality and does not require any water cooling system. Fiber laser device is the world’ s most advanced, whose service life is long and maintenance charge is low. With superior technical accessories, the fiber laser marking machine has fast speed and stable performance and has won the trust of many customers for its excellent performance and reliable quality.

Min. order quantity: 1

Manufacturer: Maxphotonics

Part number:

Model: 20W

Product size / unit: 89 cm × 73 cm × 29 cm

Product weight / unit: 36 kg

Length of handling process: 14 days

Specification sheet: View specification sheet

Shipping package includes: 1. 20 W Smart Laser Source with inbuilt Control Card & Red Beam; 2. High Speed Scanner 3. f=160 mm lens (110*110 mm marking/working area) 4. Z Axis; 5. 24 V Power Supply; 6. Red beam pointer; 7. Cable, USB line, Wifi hot spot; 8. USB flash disk (with marking software installation package, guide files) 9. This price is EXW-shenzhen terms.

Condition: New (Factory)

Listing type:
Single product(s)
Sale format:
Fixed price
End-use certification needed:
Maxphotonics Co., Ltd
Shipping from:
Guangdong, China
Delivery terms:
F.C.A. Origin

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