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Ships from and sold by Maxphotonics Co., Ltd.

Maxphotonics pulsed fiber laser source 20W

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20w Q-switch fiber laser source

1 400 USD

+ Shipping and import fees, where applicable


Q-Switched Pulsed Fiber Laser (MFP5W-50W) Series are maintenance-free fiber lasers based on the Q-switched technology and MOPFA. These lasers deliver light centered at 1064nm and guided to the work piece via a flexible metal-sheathed fiber cable. It provides a set of pulse durations, repetition rates and peak powers. The optical head may be equipped with an opto-isolator, that makes it possible to mark directly on non-metallic materials (plastic, wood, paper, etc.) and some metal with low reflectivity.

Quantity: 20

Manufacturer: Maxphotonics

Part number:

Model: 20W

Year manufactured: 2019

Product size / unit: 68 cm × 43 cm × 22 cm

Product weight / unit: 9 kg

Length of handling process: 7 days

Specification sheet: View specification sheet

Shipping package includes: Laser source use guide

Condition: Other

Condition description: Terms: Two years warranty; EXW-SHENZHEN; NEWEST MACHINE

Listing type:
Single product(s)
Sale format:
Fixed price
End-use certification needed:
Maxphotonics Co., Ltd
Shipping from:
Guangdong, China
Delivery terms:
F.C.A. Origin

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