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When you shop at GEHT Marketplace, each stage of your purchase is authenticated and safeguarded by the “GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process”. This system is carefully designed to ensure the product you receive is delivered on time and matches the description in the listing. With our “Safe Payment Process”, you deposit the purchase amount into GEHT International Ltd’s escrow account, ensuring funds are securely held in case a refund becomes necessary. We then monitor your purchase to ensure its timely delivery. Once you confirm the product's conformity, we release the payment to the seller.

As a buyer, you can monitor the progress of your transactions through the “GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process” via your “Buyer's Dashboard”.

To make a purchase on the GEHT Marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. How to Search for and Explore Products.
  2. Making a Purchase.

If you want an official quotation:

  1. Get a Quotation

1. How to Search for and Explore Products

You can search for a specific product by click first “Search for Anything" on the Home page and then by entering the keywords related to the product. You can also search for a product by browsing various categories. To browse by category, click the “Shop” on the menu bar and select the appropriate product category.

2. Making a Purchase

Phase 1: Placing a Purchase Order
Once you've registered with the GEHT Marketplace, you can immediately proceed with your order. Below is the outlined process for purchasing a product:

  1. Begin by searching for the product(s) you're interested in and click the desired listing title.
  2. Choose your product and specify the quantity. Click on the "Add to Cart" button to place the product in your shopping cart. If desired, you can add more products from the same seller to your shopping cart. If you want to purchase from multiple sellers, finalise the transaction with one seller (by “Confirming and Paying”) and then proceed with the next.
  3. To complete the purchase, go to your shopping cart, review the “Order Summary”, and click the "Confirm and Pay" button. The total amount payable is calculated by summing up the product price(s) and the payment processing fee (further details on fees can be found in our Terms of Use).

Pro forma invoice and credit card payment
Once you place an order, you are committed to the purchase. GEHT Marketplace will send a “Pro Forma Invoice” to your registered email address. If you've paid with a credit card, you'll receive a “Payment & Order Summary” notification to your registered email address as proof of payment and order. Both the “Pro Forma Invoice” and the “Payment and Order Summary” notification outline detailed information about the order, including the seller's contact information, address, order summary, and a unique reference number.

You can track your buying activities from your “Buyer's Dashboard”. To access it, navigate to the “Home page”, select "Dashboard," then "Buying", and finally "Order - Delivery Process". Within this view, you'll find all your ongoing purchase transactions. Beneath the reference number, you'll be updated with the delivery status and upcoming steps in the “Order - Delivery Process”.

Shipment method
The seller determines the delivery method, which is typically F.C.A. Origin. All shipping costs are borne by the buyer, while the seller covers the packaging expenses.

Mode of delivery
Input your carrier account number (e.g., FedEx 12345). If you don't have a carrier account, choose the "Factory's Shipping Account" option. When using the factory's shipping account, shipping costs and a banking fee of either 30 € or $ 30, based on the currency, will be invoiced separately.

Phase 2: Pro Forma Invoice and Credit Card Payment
In the case of “Pro Forma Invoice”, the buyer commits to depositing the full payment into GEHT International Ltd's escrow account within 10 days of receiving the “Pro Forma Invoice”. However, if the buyer has opted for credit card payment, the payment is made and received immediately into GEHT International Ltd's escrow account. This approach ensures protection in the event of a refund.

For the “Pro Forma Invoice”, the payment due date can be found both on the invoice itself and within the buyer's “Dashboard” under "Home page – Dashboard” > “Buying” > “Order - Delivery Process” > “Pro Forma Invoice Payment Due Date”. After the buyer has deposited the purchase amount or completed a credit card payment, the payment status will update from “Waiting” to “OK”.

Phase 3: Order Confirmation and Invoice, Shipment Notice / Invoice
The seller commits to dispatching the product within the Handling Time stated in the Listing. It's important to note that the handling time refers to the duration required to prepare the product for shipment and does not account for the shipping service's delivery time.

When purchasing a product from a country different from your registered one, you must follow to your nation's laws and regulations regarding imports. Such orders might incur import taxes, customs duties, and additional fees, all of which are the buyer's responsibility. Be aware that any required customs clearance can lead to delays in the projected delivery timeline.

Upon the dispatch of your order, an “Order Confirmation and Invoice” will be promptly sent to your registered email address if you paid using “Pro Forma Invoice”. However, if you paid using a credit card, you will receive a “Shipment Notice / Invoice” notification. These confirmations will detail the shipment date and your order's tracking number. You can also find this information on your “Buyer's Dashboard” by navigating to “Home Page” > “Dashboard” > “Buying” > “Order - Delivery Process” > “Order Confirmation and Invoice” / “Shipment Notice / Invoice”.

Phase 4: Product Delivery
Upon receiving a product, the GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process guarantees that the sales transaction remains open until the end of the Return Period, which lasts 5 business days. If you believe the product does not match its description, you have the option to initiate a return as per the GEHT Marketplace Return Policy. For more details on this, please refer to our Return Policy in our Terms of Use.

If no product return has been initiated under the GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process and the 5-business-day return period has concluded, the completed “Order - Delivery Process” can be located under the “History” > “Finished Processes” tab. Additionally, the Product Delivery status will update from "Waiting" to "OK".

3. Get a Quotation

To receive a quotation, you must be registered with GEHT Marketplace. Choose your desired product(s) and select the quantity. Next, click the "Add to Cart" button to add the items to your shopping cart. If you prefer, you can continue adding multiple products from the same seller to your cart. To request a quotation, click the "Get a Quote" button on the Order Confirmation page. You'll receive an email quotation within a few minutes.