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“The GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process”, managed by GEHT International Ltd through their website, serves as an escrow system. In this setup, GEHT International Ltd holds the purchase funds in a secure account until the buyer has received, verified, and approved the item. This process offers both the seller and the buyer transparency and assurance, especially for high-value transactions where both parties must adhere to specific agreement terms.

The escrow account for all GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment transactions is held at HSBC Hong Kong, located at 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong.

As a buyer, “the GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process” guarantees that the payment made is solely for the product specified in the GEHT Marketplace listing. The payment is securely held in GEHT International Ltd’s escrow account until the buyer receives and confirms the product's authenticity. If the delivered product doesn't match the description in the listing or isn't received at all, the buyer can initiate a return or request a refund under “the GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process”. For more information, please refer to our Return Policy.

As a seller, the buyer's payment is securely deposited into GEHT International's escrow account before the product is delivered. We ensure that the full invoice amount is received in advance, and then instruct the seller to dispatch the product to the buyer. Since the payment is already held in GEHT International Ltd's escrow account, the seller can proceed with the shipment confidently, minimising the risk of financial loss from potential fraud.

Both the seller and the buyer can track the progress of the “GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process” through their respective GEHT Marketplace Dashboard views.

GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process

1. Buyer places order on GEHT Marketplace
“The GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process” begins when a buyer places an online order through the GEHT Marketplace service. Upon doing so, the buyer enters a legally binding agreement to pay for the product. The GEHT Marketplace then automatically sends “a Pro Forma Invoice” to the buyer's registered email. If the buyer pays with a credit card, they receive “a Payment & Order Confirmation notification” after completing the credit card payment. In both scenarios, the seller receives a copy of the respective document. These documents – “the Pro forma Invoice” and “Payment & Order Confirmation” – detail essential information about the purchase order, including specific order and payment details, seller contact information, the precise shipping origin address, and the unique order reference number.

2. Payment
The buyer commits to making a full payment within 10 days of receiving “the Pro Forma Invoice” from the GEHT Marketplace. When paying with a credit card, the funds are instantly transferred to GEHT International Ltd's escrow account. The seller can utilise the information from “the Pro Forma Invoice” or “the Payment & Order Confirmation” notification to set up delivery and associated financial procedures for that order within their organisation.

3. Seller ship the product to the buyer
Upon payment verification, the seller is granted permission to ship the product to the buyer. GEHT Marketplace issues “a Shipment Authorisation" document to the seller's registered email. The seller agrees to ship the product within the specified “Handling Time” after receiving this authorisation. "Handling Time" refers to the duration the seller has after receiving the Shipment Authorisation to dispatch the product. It's imperative for the seller to provide the tracking number and ship date to the Service upon dispatching the delivery.

4. Shipment details
Upon delivery of the order, the buyer will receive ”an Order Confirmation and Invoice” at their registered email address. This applies to purchases made with ”a Pro Forma Invoice” or paid by credit card, in which case ”a Shipment Notice/Invoice notification” will be sent. These documents will include the shipment date and tracking number. After receiving the delivered product, the buyer has a 5-business-day window (“Return Period”) to ensure that the product aligns with the listing description.

5. Payment to Seller’s bank account
Once the Return Period concludes, GEHT International Ltd transfers the payment to the seller's bank account. This payment is processed on the 15th of the month after the end of “the Return Period”. The seller will then receive “a Payment Notice and Invoice” at their registered email address, marking the completion of the sales transaction.