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A buyer may be entitled to request a product return and refund under the GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process if the received product deviates from its description in the listing, arrives damaged, or is missing components. Please be aware that all products on the GEHT Marketplace are typically sold "as is" (without warranty) unless otherwise stated. The term "as is" does not negate any express warranties, such as those provided by the seller's product listing description. An inaccurate product description might grant the buyer the right to return the item.

Upon receiving a product, the buyer is responsible for ensuring that the product aligns with the listing description within a 5-business-day return window. Should the buyer not inspect the product and provide written notice to both the seller and the GEHT Marketplace regarding any perceived discrepancies within this 5-business-day period, it will be deemed as the buyer's unequivocal acceptance of the product's compliance.

When there appears to be a disparity with the product, buyers must submit a written notice, specifically the GEHT Marketplace RMA report, to both the seller and the GEHT Marketplace ( within the specified return period. We furnish buyers with an RMA (Return Material Authorisation) report template, which is included with the Order Confirmation and Invoice notification in the case of Pro Forma Invoice payment, and Shipment Notice / Invoice notification in the case of a credit card payment. We encourage buyers to engage directly with sellers and adhere to any return guidelines provided. For detailed steps on returning a product and securing a refund, please refer to Table 1.

Table 1. Product return process.
SellerBuyerGEHT Marketplace
1. Product verificationn/A buyer must verify a product within the return period (5 business days)n/a
2. Contact the seller and notify GEHT MarketplaceReceive an RMA report from the buyerIn the case of alleged nonconformity, a buyer is obligated to send an RMA report within the return periodReceive an RMA report from the buyer. GEHT Marketplace safeguards buyer’s deposit in that particular sales transaction.
3. Agree on the returnSeller and buyer agree on the returnSeller and buyer agree on the return.n/a
4. Delivery methodThe seller is responsible for return shipping chargesBuyer must work with the seller to agree on the shipping details before returning the productn/a
5. DeliverySeller receives the returned productBuyer delivers the product back to the sellern/a
6. RefundSeller notifies GEHT Marketplace about the product returnA refund will be credited back to the original buyer’s account deducted with the 30 € or 30 $ payment processing feeA refund will be credited within 10 business days after notification. The payment processing fee 30 € or 30 $ will be deducted from the original amount.

Description of the product return process:

  1. Product verification. Within the return period of 5 business days, it's the buyer's duty to inspect the product. If the buyer does not inspect and subsequently provide written notification of any issues to both the seller and GEHT Marketplace within this period, it will be deemed an unequivocal acknowledgment of the product's compliance.
  2. Contact the seller and notify GEHT Marketplace. Should there be any discrepancies with the product, the buyer must promptly dispatch an RMA report to both the seller and GEHT Marketplace at within the designated return window. We supply an RMA report template to buyers, which is included with the Order Confirmation and Invoice or Shipment Notice / Invoice notifications. Until the return process is mutually settled by the buyer and seller, the associated funds for the transaction will be withheld.
  3. Agree on the return. We advise buyer to communicate directly with seller, seeking their specific return guidelines.
  4. Delivery method. The responsibility for covering return shipping costs falls on the seller. However, it's imperative for the buyer to coordinate with the seller to agree on the logistics before initiating the product return.
  5. Delivery. The product should be sent back unaltered, in the state it was originally received. This includes all original packaging, documentation, and accessories.
  6. Refund. Upon notification from the seller that the returned product has been received, GEHT Marketplace will process the refund. The original deposit amount will be credited to the buyer's bank account within 10 business days, after deducting a 30 € or $ 30 payment processing fee. The initial delivery charge borne by the buyer will not be refunded unless a separate agreement has been made between the buyer and seller.

Misuse of our Return Policy
Misuse of our Return Policy may result in consequences ranging from immediate suspension to termination of the buyer's account. In cases of abuse, we reserve the right to pursue reimbursement from the buyer through lawful channels, including enlisting collection services. Instances of policy misuse include, but are not limited to:

  1. Frequent returns: Continuously ordering and returning products, suggesting a pattern of exploitative behaviour.
  2. Damaging products intentionally: Deliberately damaging or altering items before returning them.
  3. Removing/replacing original parts: Ordering a product, taking out certain components, replacing them with inferior parts, and then sending the item back.
  4. Returning different items: Sending back a different product than the one that was originally purchased.
  5. False claims of non-delivery: Claiming a product was never received when tracking or other evidence suggests otherwise.
  6. Repurchasing at discounted prices: Returning an item bought at full price only to repurchase it during a sale or at a discounted rate.
  7. Return of stolen goods: Ordering items with stolen credit cards and then trying to return them for cash or other forms of refund.