When you sell on GEHT Marketplace, your products can instantly be found by thousands of potential customers around the world. It takes only few steps to add your content to GEHT Marketplace. There are no fees until the product sells.

Two different selling plans are available: fixed price or auction listings. Fixed price listings are active for five months or until they sell, while auction listings are active until the winning bid is placed. Once a product sells, there is a service fee on the sales price and a standard payment processing fee.

To sell on GEHT Marketplace, please follow these guidelines:

  • Create and manage your listings
  • When the product sells: GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process

A. Create and manage your listings

Make sure that you have signed in to GEHT Marketplace. If you don’t have an account yet, complete the GEHT Marketplace registration process and then sign in.

Depending on your product(s) and how you choose to sell, you have different options for listing and tracking your inventory. Click the Sell button on the menu bar and then on the Dashboard view, click Add a new listing button. Fill out the Add listing form. During the listing process, you are asked to enter the following information:

I'm original product manufacturer
If you are original product manufacturer and selling a new product, select Yes in the drop-down menu.

Listing Title
The Listing Title is the key to helping customers find your products. Your Listing Title should describe your product(s) as clearly as possible. Please don’t include offer-related information like pricing or promotions in the Listing Title. Please see the instructions below for different types of Listing Titles depending on your Listing type.

Listing Type

  • If you are selling one or multiple identical copies of the same product, choose the “Single product(s)” listing option. Write a clear and descriptive Listing Title, including for example the product name, model and/or product application, for example: IPG Laser Drilling Cell, 1 kW; Newport Integrity 1 VCS 3.4 mm Skin Table System; Fujikura 70S Fusion Splicer.
  • If you are selling a set of different products as a set with one price, you have an option to create a single, multi-product listing that includes different types of products. Choose the “Collections” listing option and write a descriptive Listing Title that describes the application area of the products. For example: Laser laboratory equipment; Sheet metal laser cutter production line; Multiple environmental monitoring equipment.

Note: If you want to set a price for each of your products, you need to create a unique listing for each of them. If you have multiple identical copies of the same product, use the quantity field and “Single product(s)” listing rather than creating multiple unique listings.

Listing Category
In order to assist potential customers in finding your product, it is important that you properly categorise your product. By entering your product in the correct listing category, you can increase your product sales and visibility.

Available product categories depend on weather you choose the “Single product(s)” or “Collections” Listing Type:

Available listing categories for “Single product(s)”
Main categorySub-categoryNext sub-category
1.Laser systems by application areasLife science and medical laser systemsWith 6 different sub-categories
Material processing and industrial laser systemsWith 11 different sub-categories
Graphic arts and display laser systemsWith 3 different sub-categories
3D printing and scanning systemsWith 6 different sub-categories
Scientific laser systemsWith 6 different sub-categories
LIDARWith 6 different sub-categories
TelecommunicationsWith 5 different sub-categories
2.Laser sourcesWith 16 different sub-categoriesNone
3.Incoherent light sourcesWith 10 different sub-categoriesNone
4.Opto-mechanicsWith 6 different sub-categoriesNone
5.Testing, detection & SWWith 10 different sub-categoriesNone
6.Optical fibers and componentsWith 4 different sub-categoriesNone
Available listing categories for “Collections”
Main categorySub-category
1.Life science and medical equipmentNone
2.Material processing and industrial laser equipmentNone
3.Graphic arts and display equipmentNone
4.3D printing and scanning equipmentNone
5.Scientific equipmentNone

Note: depending on which Listing Type you select, only the categories that belong to either “Single product(s)” or “Collections” will be visible in the drop-down menu.

Selling Formats
You have two different selling format options to list your product, either a Fixed price or an Auction listing:

Fixed price listing

  • With a fixed price listing, you can list your product(s) for a set price and a buyer can purchase the product(s) immediately at such listing price. The minimum listing price is 50 € or 50 $, depending on the selected currency.
  • You can choose either the “Single product(s)” or “Collections” for a fixed price listing.
  • A fixed price listing will expire automatically after 5 months unless you want to renew your listing using your user account’s “Renew the listing” function. The new listing period is 3 months and it will expire automatically.
  • Your fixed price listing appears on the homepage (click the Fixed price products button), on Categories (click Categories on the menu bar and select the appropriate product subcategory from the drop-down menu) and on the search results.

Auction listing

  • Alternatively, you can receive bids on an Auction listing and sell it to the highest bidder. Buyers can place bids until the listing duration period ends. You can create an auction listing duration period of 7, 12, 21 or 28 days. The minimum starting price for an auction listing is 50 € or 50 $ and the minimum bid is 10 € or 10 $, depending of the selected currency.
  • You can choose either “Single product(s)” or “Collections” for an Auction listing
  • An auction listing will expire automatically when the pre-defined listing duration period ends. If the listing doesn’t sell, your listing details are stored and can be found on your Seller’s Dashboard view under “Expired auctions”.
  • Your active auction listing appears on the homepage (click Active auctions button), on Categories (click Categories on the menu bar and select the appropriate product subcategory from the drop-down menu) as well as in the search results.

The minimum asking price for each listing and listing type is 50 € or 50 $, depending on the selected currency. The purchase must be paid for with the same currency the product is listed in.

In countries such as US and Canada, the possible sales tax is included to the sales price in domestic sales. Note that you are responsible for assessing and reporting VAT or sales tax, where applicable.

VAT% for Domestic Sales
Add VAT% (Value Added Tax %) for domestic sales in relevant jurisdictions.

Sales Regions
You can sell your products globally or exclude certain geographic sales regions from your listing.

  • If you choose Global, your listing can be seen around the world and your products can be purchased globally*.
  • If you want to focus on selling to certain regions and countries only, choose Choose sales regions and select target countries from the list. Your listing can be seen around the world but your products can only be purchased by buyers in the countries that you have selected from the country list*.

*Note that due to the nature of the high power laser and electro-optical component business, some regions are restricted from selling or buying certain products under international regulations and laws. Therefore, GEHT Marketplace services may not be available for certain regions in the world. If your country is not found on the GEHT Marketplace country list or you are not sure if your country complies with all export regulations, please check if an export authorisation may be required.

Length of handling process (days)
In this field you specify the handling time. The handling time is the number of days the seller needs to pack and ship the product. This information will help the buyer to estimate when the product(s) is available for the delivery. Note that the handling time does not include the number of days that the delivery service will need to deliver the product to the buyer.

Estimated product weight, product dimensions
This field helps the buyer to estimate the shipping cost. Enter the product weight in kilograms and the product dimensions in centimetres.

Company website (in the case of original product manufacturer)
In this field enter your company website. It will help customers to identify your company.

Show Your Company Name on Public GEHT Marketplace Listing
If you choose “Show Company Name on Public GEHT Marketplace Listing," your company name will be shown on the listing. Otherwise, only the “Delivering from” (country) is shown on the listing.

Product Name
Enter the product name. Note that it is important to use the exact name of the product as provided by the manufacturer.

Product Description
Enter the product description to provide potential buyers with more specific details about the product.

Minimum order quantity (in the case of original product manufacturer)
Enter here minimum order size accepted by you.

Quantity (in the case of you are NOT original product manufacturer)
Enter 1 (one) or specify the number of multiple identical copies of the product that you are selling

Select manufacturer from the Manufacturer list drop-down menu. If you don’t find the name of the manufacturer of the product you are listing, select Other and type in the manufacturer’s name.

Product Model and Part Number
Enter the Product Model and the Part Number (optional). Note that it is important to use the exact manufacturer’s model (and part number) of the product.

Year Manufactured
Enter the manufacturing year of the product.

When you list your product, specifying the correct condition is important to avoid violating our Terms of Use. Use the following guidelines to determine the condition of the product(s) you are listing:

ConditionDescription of condition
NewA brand new product from the product manufacturer in its original shipping package. Manufacturer's warranty applies. See the seller's listing for full details on warranty terms and what's in the shipping package.
UnusedAn unused product is in its original condition and packaging with the all the material included. It’s not refurbished or has no known defects or damages. Note that products are sold as “As is” (no warranty) unless otherwise specified*.
UsedA used product has a proven operation history, such as evidence of operation hours and regular maintenance checks. The product may have some cosmetic wear but it’s fully operational and works as intended. Describe the product condition in full detail in the Condition description field.
RefurbishedA product that has been restored by a manufacturer or certified refurbished by manufacturer-approved company. Product has been inspected and repaired to meet manufacturer specifications and is in good condition. See the seller's listing for full details. Describe the product condition in full detail in the Condition description field.
OtherA product that is not operational or may require repair or service. Describe the product condition in full detail in the Condition description field.

* You can also give a warranty to your product. A warranty may help you to sell your product more easily. Add warranty information on the Condition description field.

Condition Description
Provide additional information about the product’s condition, such as information about operational hours, maintenance checks, missing parts, defects, scratches and other relevant information.

Product Images and Product Specification Sheet
You can add up to 4 images under each Product information section. To add images, click the Drop image(s) here or click to upload, 1. image: This is visible on search results field and select images from your file browser. Alternatively, you can drop the image onto the Product images field. If you want to add the product specification sheet, click the Drop spec sheet here or select file to upload (PDF format) field and select the specification sheet from your file browser. Alternatively, you can drop the specification sheet onto Product specification sheet field.

Note: You can upload images up to 10 MB in size in either the JPEG or PNG file formats.

If you have chosen the Collections Listing Type, add another product by clicking Add another product button and follow the instructions above.

When adding images to your listing, you should take your own photos that the images accurately represent a product that you are selling. You are not allowed to copy images from manufacturer's websites without express written permission from the company.

Preview Your Listing
You can review the information you have entered to see how your listing will appear by clicking the Preview listing button.

Submit Your Listing
Review the content you have entered carefully before you submit your listing, then click Submit your listing. We will review your listing before it appears on the GEHT Marketplace site. You should see a confirmation email from within 1 - 2 business days, once the listing has been reviewed and is active. Once the listing is active, you can monitor your progress as a seller on the Seller’s Dashboard view. To access your Seller’s Dashboard, click Home page - Dashboard > Selling > Your listings. On Your listings view, you’ll see all your active listings.

Edit, copy and delete the listing
You can edit, copy and delete your listing on your Dashboard (Home page - Dashboard > Selling > click the name of your listing you want to modify.).

B. When the product sells: GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process

Once a buyer submits an online purchase order, GEHT Marketplace initiates the Safe Payment Process. It is a multistep customer, product, delivery and payment verification and monitoring process to assure that payment of the purchase has been received before you deliver the product to the buyer.

Phase 1: Purchase order
Once the product sells, GEHT Marketplace will automatically send you a pro forma invoice to your registered email address. The pro forma invoice contains all the specific details about the order including the buyer’s contact information, delivery address, order summary and the order reference number. The pro forma invoice is for your reference so you can set up the delivery and financial processes related to that specific order within your company.

On the Dashboard view, you will see the Order - delivery process field (Home page - Dashboard > Selling > Order - delivery process) with a specific Reference number related to the order. Under the Reference number, you will see the delivery status and the next steps of the Order - delivery process.

Once the order has been submitted, the listing will still appear under the Categories-tab and in the search results on the GEHT Marketplace site. The listing will be marked as “Sold” and can no longer be purchased. At this time, the Chat discussion related to such listing will be closed. Once the order has been paid, the listing and the Chat discussion will be removed from the GEHT Marketplace public site but can still be found on your Seller’s Dashboard.

Phase 2: Payment
The buyer agrees to deposit the payment in full to GEHT International Ltd’s impound account within 10 days after receiving the pro forma invoice as a safeguard in case of refund. Note that the product must be paid using the same currency the product is listed in on the Service.

You will see the payment due date on the pro forma invoice and on your Seller’s Dashboard view (Dashboard > Selling > Order - delivery process > Pro forma invoice payment field). When the buyer has submitted the purchase deposit, the payment status will change from Waiting to OK. At the same time, Phase 3 is initiated.

Phase 3: Shipment Authorisation
After GEHT International Ltd has received the purchase deposit, we will send you a Shipment Authorisation email to your registered email address that authorises you to deliver the product to the buyer.

Delivery method is F.C.A. Origin. You will receive shipment method instructions from the buyer. All delivery costs will be at the expense of the buyer and the cost of packaging for the delivery is at the expense of seller. You agree to deliver the product within the Handling time specified in your listing and properly packed so the product may be shipped safely.

Once the product has been delivered to the shipping company, you are requested to promptly enter the Ship date and the Tracking number of the purchase into the Ship date and Tracking number fields on your Seller’s Dashboard.

Phase 4: Payment Notice and Invoice
GEHT International Ltd will deposit the purchase amount deducted with the Service fee and the banking fee in the seller’s bank account after the buyer has received the purchased product and once the product return period is over. The payment day is on the 15th of the month following the day that the return period has ended.

On the Dashboard view, the finished Order - delivery process can now be found under History > Finished processes tab and the status will change from Waiting to OK, once the purchase amount has been deposited in seller’s bank account. At the same time, GEHT Marketplace will send a Payment Notice and Invoice of the purchase to seller’s registered email address.