GEHT Marketplace is a dedicated B2B e-commerce platform that connects globally buyers to the photonics product sellers through its e-commerce platform and digital marketing campaigns. It was launched in 2017 by GEHT International Ltd which is a Hong Kong based laser component distributor.

The website started as an online marketplace for pre-owned lasers but expanded soon to sell variety of new photonics products in over 30 dedicated product categories. We have designed, and have a full control of, all GEHT Marketplace features to serve the special needs of our photonics customers. We believe our business model enables us to be a forerunner showing how businesses can reach and interact with potential customers online.

GEHT Marketplace delivers value to its customers by lowering the cost of selling and product ownership. GEHT Marketplace allows customers to self-learn and reach the same level of service as they used have with a sales person. Also, entirely sales process takes place start-to-finish online. When you sell or buy on GEHT Marketplace, products on GEHT Marketplace offer always the best value for your money.

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