Selling a new product

Lower the cost of selling and reach new, unexplored markets by letting GEHT Marketplace to work for you! When you offer your products on GEHT Marketplace, you will be instantly connected with thousand of potential buyers around the world. Whether you are selling on global or local markets, GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process ensures that all payments, deliveries and customer verifications are monitored and verified by GEHT Marketplace personnel. When the product sells, you just need to deliver and receive the payment of your product. Make as many product listings as you want since there are no fees until the product sells.

Selling a pre-owned product

Did you know that inventory costs related to storing and maintaining unused lasers, photonics accessories or laboratory equipment can be as high as 25% of inventory value on hand? Now you can get rid of your unused inventory or assets and turn them easily into money by selling them on GEHT Marketplace. Set the price and choose either a fixed price or auction sale. Then add a product description, images and choose from global or pre-defined sales regions. It takes only a few steps to register and add your content online and it’s totally free until the product sells. Sign up to GEHT Marketplace today and instantly be found by thousands of potential customers!

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Buying a new product

Discover exceptional new product deals offered by renowned companies worldwide and shop for wide variety of affordable priced lasers and optoelectronic products without a risk of fraud. You can communicate directly with the seller using our online Chat tool and you won’t miss a detail, and if anything goes wrong, you may have the right to request a product return and refund under the GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process. Buying new lasers, accessories for lasers and laboratory equipment from anywhere in the world has never been so effortless and safe.

Buying a pre-owned product

Buying a pre-owned product raises questions: How many hours it has been used? Does it come with a warranty? Need to know more? Use our online Chat tool and you won’t miss a detail: communicate directly with the seller or read Q&A from the other users. And your money is always safe and refundable because we keep it deposited until you have received and verified your purchase. Whether you are dealing with a business partner from the other side of the world or from the next city, you can be sure that best business practices are followed every step of the way.

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